Having been on a rather (overly) ambitious run to Templelhofer Feld we were looking to fuel our day ahead in a big way.
8 x TOMASA brunches comprising of:

Grilled pork tenderloin with tomato hollandaise

Smoked salmon with honey-dill-mustard sauce

Camembert with cranberry and tomato mozzarella

Baked quarkkeulchen with cinnamon and sugar

Apple compote

Scrambled eggs with bacon

Nuremberg sausages

complete with croissants, bread rolls, butter and jam.

Brunch 3 Brunch 2

Backing right onto the lower end of Viktoria-Park, the Villa Tomasa in der Kreuzberg was built in 1892 by Hermann Blankenstein and Fritz Haack. The 2-story eatery converted red brick villa still houses the pumps of Kreuzberg waterfalls in its basement and has a courtyard, fireplaces and bar area. Having been rebuilt and modernized in 2002, the villa Tomasa is now a protected monument.

Thanks Shirley, my personal Berlin TripAdvisor for finding this glorious spot!

Brunch 1



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